Access Platform Hire

At Charles Wilson Engineers Ltd, we offer nationwide access platform hire solutions, no matter your height requirements or working conditions. We cater to all needs, whether you have a large construction project to undertake that requires our alloy tower that stands at over 6 metres or are a builder in need of a step ladder for safe access to high points, our access hire options allow you to arrange access platforms that are suitable for you.

We also offer comprehensive PASMA training. It is imperative that anyone working at height knows the correct protocol and has the appropriate training for the situation. We also supply a staging handrail system as it is a required safety addition when working at or over a 2 metre height on lightweight staging.

For more information about our access platforms for hire, you can use our branch locator and speak to a member of the Charles Wilson Engineers Ltd team, who will be able to advise you on the best access hire options for your requirements.