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Training: Forklift Training, IPAF Training and PASMA Training

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As an IPAF training centre and PASMA training centre, we are able to assist you by offering a nationally recognised training qualification in Powered Access Equipment, forklift training and Alloy Towers training that will adequately meet your legal responsibility.

Many courses are available, ON SITE or IN-HOUSE
Industry Standard Certification.

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Courses Available

An IPAF training logo with the letters 'IPAF' in black on a yellow background

A photo of someone holding the licence card given upon completion of the IPAF training course by Charles Wilson Engineers Ltd

MEWP Operator

1A, 1B, 3A, 3B, PAV

MEWP Demonstrator

1A, 1B, 3A, 3B, PAV

MEWP Instructor

1A, 1B, 3A, 3B, PAV

MEWP 4 Managers

MEWP Harness Training

Half a day

IPAF Load, Un-load Course (Must hold operator license)

1 day approx 7.5 hours

IPAF Training Course(s) run Monday to Friday

Our dedicated training team can offer IPAF training courses 5 days a week. Our main Training Centre is at Hayes in Middlesex, however, we can conduct on-site training (subject to the appropriate facilities and equipment being available).

Working at Height Regulations: 2005

The regulations state:- “You must do all that is reasonably practicable
to prevent anyone falling”. All persons managing, planning, supervising or conducting Work at Height activities must be competent to do so.

Your Log Book

All successful trainees receive an IPAF Log Book on completion of an Operators course, which will enable them to record their relevant experience. This could shorten the renewal process for experienced personnel.

Keep Training Up to Date

The IPAF Operator and Demonstrator cards are valid for 5 years, after which all card holders will need to attend a refresher course. All MEWP users should keep up to date with current legislation and equipment changes.

A photo of the different levels of IPAF training available from Charles Wilson Engineers Ltd, with 1a, 1b, 3a, 3b

The PASMA training logo with the words 'Prefabricated Access Suppliers' and Manufacturers' Association' underneath

We offer PASMA training: The Pre-fabricated Access Suppliers and Manufactures Association (PASMA) is the UK’s lead industry body responsible for all matters relating to the safe use of mobile Aluminium & Fibreglass towers.

PASMA Standard Towers For Users Course

Our PASMA training: Towers for users courses cover the 3T (Through The Trap Door) and AGR (Advanced Guard Rail) build processes. These build systems are mandatory requirements as required by the Health and Safety Executive.

Management Of Mobile Access Tower Courses

An image of an GRP (glass reinforced plastic) access tower

Towers For Users Course

Includes 3T and Advanced Guardrail – 1 Day approx 7.5 hours

Low Level Access:


Covers users of low level access equipment (less than 2.5m) e.g. folding step units and folding tower units.

Combined Course


Combines both towers for users and low level access.

Other Courses Available:

An image of a yellow forklift training truckTelescopic Forklift Training (in house certification)

Our wide range of telescopic forklifts allow us to conduct forklift training on equipment ranging from 6 – 17 metres including forklifts with stabilisers.

A photo of a yellow forklift

Counter Balance Forklift Training

Full forklift training available for a variety of levels, from the novice trainee to the fully trained operator refreshing their certificate.

A person using an electric hand cutting tool, with a blade that is cutting through a steel bar. The man is wearing safety equipment including a blue hard hat, goggles, and ear protectors

Abrasive Wheels Training

Half a day course covering the correct selection, mounting and inspection of Abrasive Wheels, for persons using hand grinders and cutting tools.

A training course infographic of the correct manual handling techniques for lifting; the man begins on the ground with his back straight and then proceeds to stand over four images, lifting with his knees and keeping his back straight

Manual Handling Regulations 1992

Half a day course covering the employer’s legal responsibility to protect their staff from Industrial accidents, caused by bad Manual Handling techniques. RoSPA trained Instructor.

Many courses are available, ON SITE or IN-HOUSE
Industry Standard Certification.