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X-ECO Tower Lights

Posted by Charles Wilson 5th September 2019

X-Eco Tower Lights

With the Tower Light season approaching, Charles Wilson Engineers is pleased to announce that our tower light fleet has recently been upgraded.

Our fleet is more eco-friendly and sustainable than ever before. Our engineers also understand the importance of sustainability and green initiatives within the industry; they know that the market needs a lighting tower that is long lasting and safe. Our latest technology, available to hire, offers this as well as allowing for maximum fuel efficiency and reliability.

The X-ECO Tower Light is the best solution for your lighting needs and guarantees 3800 sqm of illumination. This environmentally friendly equipment is a brilliant investment giving Charles Wilson Engineers the most modern fleet in the hire industry. This provides the customer with significant savings in fuel costs and CO2 reductions. With its many successful and impressive features (see below), we are confident this is the way forward in tower lights.

• 200 hour fuel tank
• LED lamps (that give instant light with no ‘warming up’ time)
• Auto start and stop (saving time and fuel)
• 1500 rmp Kubota engine
• AMOSS system automatically lowers mast, when moved
• 240 volt power take-off
• Silent Running option available
• Fast raising and lowering mast
• LED bulbs are guaranteed for life

For further information on the X-ECO Tower Light, please do not hesitate to get in touch by filling out an online enquiry form. Alternatively, give us a call today on 01582 763122 to enquire about your closest depot.