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Skid Steer Attachments Grapple Bucket

Essential Skid Steer Attachments

skid steer attachments

What Are Skid Steer Attachments?

A skid steer is a piece of machinery that can be used for many functions. A skid steer loader is an important and aiding piece of equipment used within construction. Part of what makes a skid steer loader an important machine is the adaptability it has to be able to switch and change the attachments, this enables you to work in many different settings using the same machine and has no limitations to whatever your job may be.

What Are The Main Skid Steer Attachments?

The main characteristic of a skid steer is its variety of attachment options that can be switched and changed depending on what kind of job needs to be completed. The standard attachment that is typically used for a skid steer is a bucket, which is used for carrying, loading and lifting heavy equipment and materials. Some of the main jobs carried out using a skid steer consist of: clearing snow, excavating, construction, landscaping and trenching. Although there are plenty of attachments to choose from, the main attachments that are typically used and you will likely come into contact with consist of the following:

Bucket Attachments

Bucket attachments are often already pre-installed into a skid steer machine. It is a commonly used accessory and the general purpose of this particular attachment is to be used as a utilitarian tool. They can be used as a function to pick up debris, deposit, push and load dig and drag materials that cannot be done manually by hand. These are an essential tool for your machine, they are a very versatile and effective way to complete your job. Our variety of 1-in-4 attachments will ensure you complete you job to a high standard.

The term ‘Hydraulic Grapple’ is generally used to refer to the log grapples for forestry applications. This tool is typically used for loading and handling a large variety of municipal waste, such as scrap metal, organic waste, tree branches, bricks, gravel and dirt.

Planer Attachment

A planer attachments main tasks consist of rectifying uneven pavement surfaces, mill around man-holes, taper edges within a roadway, cut drainage and clean up around larger machinery. It provides excellent performance on standard slow machines and is easily controllable and adjustable. Making it highly adaptable for you to complete any job to a high standard.

Fork Attachments

If you have a skid-steer, a must-have attachment tool to have with it is a fork attachment. The fork can help to steer into a make-shift forklift for the manoeuvring of heavy materials in big quantities onto pallets and boxes. Handling materials around a construction site demands a great deal of flexibility. The fork attachment provides precision and adjustability, making the fork attachment an essential tool.

Bush Hog Attachment

This high-powered, high-quality attachment is a type of rotary mower. Typically used for cutting long grass, used on farms and attached to the back of a tractor. This tool gives an accurate, smooth and clean-cut finish for hard to reach places such as steep slopes, ponds and walking paths that need an accurate finish.

Tiller Attachments

Tiller Attachments allow you to be able to break through new-ground and shatter through clumps of hardened material, all with the help of replaceable and double-edge tines. This tool is built for effortless and methodical soil preparation, giving an efficient base for landscaping and gardening. This attachment can be used forwards, backwards and can cut close up to pathways and buildings, maximising the versatility of tiller operation.

Auger Attachments

The Auger attachment allows accurate holes to be dug into the ground, with speed and plumb-line precision. This auger attachment slices through any soil condition with ease and accuracy. Even through rough rocky soil, the auger is capable to cut through evenly, giving a strong and high-quality performance to get the job done reliably.

Breaker Attachment

This particular instrument is used to break through concrete, rock and asphalt, whilst delivering absolute accuracy and consistent performance. It allows for smooth, quiet operation, whilst still containing blows per minute.

Salt Spreaders

If you’re looking for an effective way to grit this winter, as a way to get your access ways open and safe, you should consider in getting a salt spreader. They are perfect for clearing pathways and walkways of ice and it’s an easy and effective machine to use.

Stump Grinder

The most effective way to remove a tree stump is with a stump grinder. The stump grinder is a large cutter wheel with a number of blades, which is placed onto the stump and placed into the ground. These machines are capable of removing small stumps to a depth up to 12 metres into the ground.

Sweeper attachment

The sweeper attachment sweeps, collects and dumps bits of dirt and debris from clearing it up from the ground, the tool is mainly used along pathways, parking areas and roadways to maintain a clean path. The sweeper attachment is ideal for industrial, construction and municipal work. The main features of this machine are the poly bristles that deposit dirt into the sweeper bucket, the reversible cutting edge, this helps to cut through tough mud and materials.

Flail Cutter

This instrument attachment, clears brush and small trees, shrubs and grass, whilst distributing materials evenly. The tool delivers excellent cutting, trimming and mowing action. The thick steel design protects the attachments in order for it to provide maximum strength for difficult jobs. This versatile and efficient tool excels in applications such as landscaping, agriculture, rental and property maintenance.

Charles Wilson Engineers

Charles Wilson Engineers Ltd has a great range of skid steer attachments available for hire nationwide. Our depots cover each area of the country, meaning there will be one close to you and your plant hire and construction hire needs will be met wherever you are situated. Along with our skid steer loader options, we have an extended range of skid steer attachments that are available to hire that will suit all project manners. Contact Charles Wilson Engineers today by finding your local branch locator to find our closest depot to you.


Charles Wilson Engineers offer an extensive and ever-growing range of high-quality skid-steer attachments for construction work. We want to help you find the right attachments for your job. For more information on this, please speak to one of our helpful and professional team members, visit us in one of our branches today, fill out an online enquiry form, or give us a call today on 01582 763 122 for a more detailed discussion.