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  • Cable Avoidance Tool

    Model: Cat4+ Cable Detector
    Product Code: 60201

    Power (frequency): 50-60Hz

    Radio (frequency): 15-60Hz

    Transmitter mode (fequency): 8 & 33HZ

  • Clegg Hammer

    Model: SDi Classic 4.5kg Cleff Hammer CIST/882
    Product Code: 60211

    Hammer weight: 4.5kg

    Backlit readout display - easy to view

    Readout range: up to 101 Impact Values

  • Endoscope

    Model: Geo Fennel Video Borescope
    Product Code: 60205

    22mm Sony CCD camera

    135 degree camera vision angle

    4.5mm fibreglass rod cable

  • Micro Cover Meter

    Model: Kolectric Micro Covermeter
    Product Code: 060208

    Probe with integral cable

    Battery charger

    MC8022 instrument

  • Signal Generator

    Model: Genny4 Signal Generator
    Product Code: 60202

    Signal output power: 0.1W

    Signal boost output power: 1.0W

    Induction mode signal characteristic: 33kHz

  • Sonde

    Model: 5m Radiodetection 33Khz Sonde
    Product Code: 60204

    Locate depth of 5m

    Available in 3 frequencies

  • Sound Monitor

    Model: doseBadge Management System
    Product Code: 60210

    Strong metal alloy case

    Shoulder mounted

    Measures noise explosions