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Instant Cool

With our vast inventory, we specialise in renting portable air conditioning equipment in the London Metropolitan Area.

Expect delivery in a couple of hours and installation in just minutes. With our 12-week super air conditioning deal, you can enjoy Air Conditioning year-round for the cost of just 12 weeks rental.


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Instant Cool

  • Air conditioning hire

    For all of your commercial instant cool hire needs, Charles Wilson Engineers Ltd have a range of air conditioning units available to suit you. We offer our air conditioning hire service nationwide, with branches spanning the country. Whether you need air conditioning hire in Borehamwood or Bristol, from Liverpool to Huntingdon, wherever you are we’ll have a branch near you. We’ve got a range of air conditioning units for hire to suit all needs and budgets, with great options for your commercial property. From our most popular Gree KY32 which provides 11,000 of BTU cooling capacity, to our Air Jammer Fans which are perfect for offices, factories, nightclubs, gyms, and many other businesses.

  • Are there any special requirements for the use of portable air conditioners?

    Yes. There is a flexible hot air exhaust hose which fits on to the air conditioner. This will need to be ducted through an open window, external door or through a suspended ceiling. The exhaust hoses come in standard lengths but extension hoses can be supplied upon request.

  • Are portable air conditioners easy to install?

    Yes. Simply move the portable air conditioner into position and fit the flexible hose to the back of the unit. All you need to do then is place the other end of the flexible hose through an opening window, doorway or ceiling void and switch the unit on, all of this should take no more than a few minutes.

  • How many units will I require?

    The output of an air conditioner is measured in BTUs (British Thermal Units). To calculate your requirements, you can visit our website at where you will find a simple and easy-to-use Cool Calculator. If you prefer, you can use a calculator and follow these instructions:
    1. Measure your room and calculate its cubic capacity (in metres).
    2. Multiply the cubic capacity by 141. This will give you a rating in BTUs.

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Find a branch near you

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