Laser Levels

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  • Accessories

    Model: Radiodetection 4 Signal Clamp
    Product Code: 60102

    100mm / 4" signal clamp

    Applies signal from GENNY4

  • Exterior

    Model: Leica Rugby 610 Laser Level
    Product Code: 60105

    Simple one button laser

    Tough rotating laser

    Level, align and square quicker than ever before

  • Interior

    Model: GAT220H Laser Level
    Product Code: 60104

    Range up to 1000 feet

    Automatic horizontal leveling

    Manual dual grade

  • Precision Pipe

    Model: Leica Piper 100 Pipe Laser
    Product Code: 60106

    Fits inside a 100mm pipe

    Multi-functional remote

    Works up to 150m range

  • Theodolite

    Model: PTH-10 Theodolite
    Product Code: 60103

    Angles measured in degrees

    Telescope magnification: 30x

    Auto power off