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JCB’s New Tier 4 Engines Promise A Fuel Efficient Future

With fuel prices as they are, there is an even greater emphasis on the fuel efficiency of your machinery, equipment and vehicles. You want to be making money, not forking out hundreds and thousands to carry out your projects.

Here at Charles Wilson Engineers, we believe in providing only the best, most advanced plant and tool equipment and machinery around and strive to do so. With technology continuing to advance many industries, we take a look at JCB’s latest fuel efficient engines.

Saving Money & Emissions

Modern day engines are at their most advanced, integrating sophisticated diagnostics and unmatched power with safer, more eco-efficient innovations. JCB are one of the most recognised construction brands around and their new Tier4 engines have already acclaimed a grand following thanks to their significant fuel efficiency.

JCB’s new T4i-compliant, 91hp Ecomax Engines were developed as part of the companies emissions reduction drive. JCB claim that their fuel efficient focus has seen their customers worldwide save over 750 million litres of diesel since 2010, a truly outstanding figure.

Impressive Figures

The Ecomax engine is fitted across JCB’s range and in a commercial sense, can save companies and businesses a considerable amount of money. The early figures seen on some machines has seen averages of between 6.5 and 8.1 litres per hour in terms of fuel cost, already turning the heads of many in the industry.

The rising cost of diesel is understandably a growing concern on the business front but such innovations as JCB’s latest generation of Tier 4 engines; you can continue to invest whilst keeping ahead of the game.