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Your Guide to Attachments for Hire: Demolition Attachments and Excavator Attachments

When you’re approaching a new task, you want to ensure that you’ve got the optimum equipment available to you for your demolition and excavator needs. In the world of plant hire attachments, new developments are consistently being seen, as innovators strive to create the optimum version of available equipment, with a focus on vastly improving efficiency and, therefore, cost. Due to this, it can be confusing to keep up with the ideal demolition attachments and excavator attachments for your task at hand. At Charles Wilson Engineers Ltd we have a range of attachments for hire available, so we’ve talked through some of our most popular options and discuss the uses and benefits for your construction project today.

Hydraulic Breakers

First designed in 1963 by Atlas Copco, the hydraulic breaker, sometimes referred to as a pecker attachment, revolutionised the excavator attachment industry, allowing for wholly new capabilities for hydraulic excavators. The hydraulic breaker attachment vastly increased efficiency and also the utilisation of excavator machines, as they could now be used for new purposes.

In modern excavator and demolition projects, this excavator attachment, or pecker attachment, is the ideal impact device, allowing you to break up concrete and rock in a safe and efficient manner, without damaging any of your other equipment or demolition attachments. The breaker or pecker can also be used for other tasks, such as tarmac cutting, foundation work, and trenching.

As time has passed, more and more advancements have been made with hydraulic breakers. Now, you can choose an hydraulic breaker attachment for hire that has sound dampened systems, systems that automatically adjust for rock hardness, self-lubricating technology, and more.

At Charles Wilson Engineers Ltd, our hydraulic breaker attachments are vibration dampened and silenced as standard, and are developed to withstand the very toughest of environments. You can talk to us today about your individual needs so that we can locate the ideal hydraulic breaker attachment for you.

Steel Shear Attachments

For exceptional cutting capabilities without the risk of creating any sparks or, worse, flames, you will need to hire a steel shear attachment. Common in industries such as scrap yards and used in many demolition projects where large steels girders or steel plates need cutting, steel shear attachments allow you to shear steel in a safe and hazard-free way. Used for ships, aeroplanes – any large-scale steel structures that need to be cut efficiently, steel shear attachments for your demolition project will ensure a smooth execution of the task.

Steel shear attachments work by utilising one pair of jaws that are fixed in place and another, single, non-fixed jaw that moves in-between. This mechanism allows the demolition attachment to work similarly to scissors, slicing through the steel with relative ease.

At Charles Wilson Engineers Ltd, our steel shear attachments for hire have the option of either 180° or 360° rotation, making them ideal for your demolition project.

Selector Grab

With a selector grab, you’re covered for all of your material movement needs. These versatile excavator attachments are designed to handle a variety of loads, with operating weights often ranging vastly to suit the individual project needs. At Charles Wilson Engineers Ltd, our selector grabs for hire are available from 8-22 ton, meaning your excavator attachments hire can be specific to your individual requirements.

Whether you’re loading and sorting recyclable materials, or are undertaking a demolition project and need to be able to efficiently move large amounts of debris, selector grab attachments offer a solution.

Post Drivers

A post driver attachment hired from Charles Wilson Engineers Ltd allows you to make your post driving a one man operation, rather than requiring the knowledge and skill of multiple people on-site. The benefits of a post driver attachment are numerous, and they can be fitted as an excavator attachment on excavators from 1.5 tonnes. They ensure accurate alignment of your posts and are a gentle method that ensures you do not damage the posts in any way when driving them into the ground.

Hydraulic Magnets

As with the hydraulic breakers, a hydraulic magnet attachment utilises the ingenuity of hydraulics to offer you a powerful and efficient excavator attachment. They can be fitted extremely quickly as they are able to be hooked onto an attachment or boom, and are used to magnetise steel to the bottom.

Commonly used for scrap metal sorting, hydraulic magnet attachments are also regularly used as demolition attachments to perform the often time-consuming task of separating steel from the debris and transferring it to the crushers. Steel can become hazardous to pedestrians and vehicles if left at construction sites after a demolition, so collecting it and easily depositing of it is of the utmost importance. The hydraulic magnet attachment allows you to achieve this.

Pulverizer Demolition Attachments

A pulverizer attachment is designed to allow you to easily break up large material on a demolition site, making it into easily-transportable debris. Pulverizers generally come in one of two forms; you can hire a static pulverizer attachment which will allow you to pulverize in a much more precise way as the attachment is lighter and shorter, giving you further power for digging.

Alternatively, a rotating pulverizer attachment for hire will allow you to position your pulverizer at a specific target. These use hydraulics, and are commonly used as demolition attachments in projects where only very specific areas need crushing, such as for renovation projects.

A pulverizer attachment is incredibly beneficial on any demolition site, as it allows you to quickly break up demolished materials, giving you an easier task when it comes to removing said material from the site.

Although we’ve covered a wide variety of demolition attachments and excavator attachments, Charles Wilson Engineers Ltd have even more options available to fit your individual job requirements. To find out more about any of the attachments for hire that we have spoken about above, or to enquire about something not listed, use our handy branch locator to find your nearest Charles Wilson Engineers Ltd and talk to a member of our expert team today.

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