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Head to Toe: The Complete Guide to Safety Equipment

For specialist jobs, you need specialist equipment. Charles Wilson Engineers Ltd provides top of the range equipment for the most heavy duty jobs, and that is why it is even more important to have the right safety equipment on site.

Kitting up may seem like a lot of hassle, but taking the time to make sure you have the right equipment can go a long way. Latest health and safety figures reported over half a million workers sustain a non-fatal injury every year, but as the technology behind safety equipment improves, these figures have steadily declined, so making sure you have the right tools for the job is essential.

Because Charles Wilson Engineers Ltd caters for a number of different tasks, our products page is here to provide you with everything you may need for these tasks, and this post is here to walk you through all of it.

Safety Equipment For Your Head

Falls to lower levels and falling objects are two of the most common workplaces injuries, so protecting your head at all times is a necessity.

Hard hats should be a given on any work site, but there are a number of other tools that can help prevent injuries. Having a helmet which can protect from falling objects is important, but you may also wish to invest in one which protects from shocks and burns, depending on your area of work. Helmets can last between three to five years, but the safest option is to replace them every twelve months. If you suffer a significant fall or if an item of some stature drops onto it, then you should replace it straight away.

When working in poor visibility, a head torch is essential to help you keep an eye out for low hanging objects and for any other dangers that may be lurking. Be sure to keep these torches fully charged for maximum brightness; you want to be able to see as much as possible.

Besides from helmets, face masks are also a handy piece of safety equipment. Combined with a respirator, these will protect anyone working with asbestos and carbon monoxide. Because carbon monoxide is completely undetectable, it is easy to inhale these gases without realising, so the importance of a high-quality gas mask cannot be underestimated. Gases and minerals such as asbestos and carbon monoxide are very dangerous, sending over 4000 people to A&E each year, so make sure you are aware of the risks that every site you work on poses.

Not all gas masks and respirators protect against these elements, however, so be sure to check the specific requirements of each item on our site.

As a nation, we lose over 400,000 working days a year due to workplace injuries, and these are ones that, in some cases, are completely preventable. Particularly on building sites, eyes are extremely susceptible to injury. Therefore, protective goggles and glasses must not be ignored. Small particles of dust and debris can be harmful to eyesight, and if you’re working in an environment where things are being knocked down and demolished, then a simple pair of safety goggles will eliminate this problem. Even when cutting pieces of wood down to size, sawdust may not be life-threatening, but it can be very uncomfortable. All these ailments can be avoided by putting some protective glasses on. As we approach the summer months, it may be tempting to just put your sunglasses on, but these will only protect the area directly in front of your eyes, leaving the sides and underside unprotected.

If you are reluctant to spend fortunes on goggles or glasses, or if you are simply just a little bit fashion conscious, there are specific protective sunglasses that will cover the whole of your eyes. A cheap pair may only set you back two or three pounds and will be perfect for summer.

Safety Equipment For Your Body

For most workers, harnesses aren’t required for the average builders’ 9 to 5. When it comes to protection from falls, however, harnesses are the most efficient way of keeping you sturdy. A simple single point harness with scaffold point will allow anyone to descend medium range distances quickly, easily and safely. For the more adventurous of tasks, a two point harness with a scaffold point to the rear will offer that extra bit of insurance when venturing that bit further.

A fall arrest tripod will also snag you on your way down, and can also accompany two people. This tripod is available in a set with a winch, breathing apparatus and head and hand lamp, so you can equip yourself with the full package.

With this type of work, treading carefully is the only way forward, so the right pieces of safety equipment will give anyone performing these tasks that extra degree of confidence knowing they are safe and secure.

Safety Equipment For Your Bottom Half

On the topic of falls and falling objects, steel toe capped boots are the most effective way of protecting your feet. As these have become a staple in the worksites, you can pick up a pair relatively cheap, but for the maximum protection, it may be worth paying that little bit extra.

For when you’re on your hands and knees, gloves and knee pads will make your working day a whole lot easier. Lightweight knee pads are the cheaper option and will protect against abrasions and won’t restrict any movement, so if you are on your knees sporadically and spend large portions of your day on the move then these may be for you.

Heavy duty knee pads are often padded on the inside and are specifically designed for workers who spend extended periods of time on their hand and knees.

Safety Equipment: The Best Of The Rest

Safety doesn’t just apply to your outfit; there are a whole host of other products available that are designed to help you and protect you. Communication is key on a site, so long range walkie-talkies and radios will allow you to always keep in touch with your colleagues and keep them updated on your situation. Check out our selection of Motorola digital radios on our products page.

Similarly to the head lamp, a hand lamp with a lithium battery will provide maximum brightness for longer periods of time. These two items combined will make sure you are fully prepared for any mishaps when working in difficult conditions.

Safety cannot be underestimated in an environment which poses so many risks to your health. Prioritise your safety and invest in the right safety equipment to ensure your working day does not consist of any blips. You can find the majority of the items in this article on our products page; just head to the health & safety tab.