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Top Ideas for Portable Cabins – Unique and Conventional Uses

Here at Charles Wilson Engineers Ltd, we like to hear about the interesting and inventive ways that our portable cabins are put to use. With our cabin hire service, our customers often use our products for conventional uses. However, on occasion, we hear of an imaginative and fun design that utilises the benefits of portable cabins and their multifunctional space in a very unique way!

The Benefits of Portable Cabins

Quick and Economic

With the use of a portable cabin, you won’t be kept waiting for various materials to be delivered before the building as a whole can be erected. The portable cabin will arrive and be set up in a matter of hours, making mammoth tasks such as office relocations much easier, as a temporary structure can be available without delay. Studies show that 99.6% of portable cabin based projects are completed on time and within budget.

No Planning Permission Required

One of the most difficult and time-consuming tasks in building construction is the planning permission required. This can take weeks and months to verify and is often a leading cause in holding up the progress of a project. Portable cabins usually do not require any planning permission, giving you one less thing to think about. Always check with the authorities, as conservation areas and listed buildings have specific requirements.


As you will find out in this blog, portable cabins are incredibly multifunctional! From business to leisure, there are an abundance of uses for these handy constructions. As portable cabins are modular, you can add to them, letting your design grow along with your business or your creativity.


Of course, they’re portable! The cabins can easily be relocated, moved around a site, and delivered/collected easily when required. This alone stands the portable cabin above other building options.

Inventive Uses For Portable Cabins

Pop Up Bars

Have you ever been to a music festival or event with pop-up bars serving cool refreshments? Events of this kind are on a very tight schedule where every minute counts. A portable cabin provides the quickest and most efficient option for providing an easy to install, quick to assemble structure that can be branded and decorated to fit any theme. This option also provides the quickest solution for once the event is over and the venue must be cleared.


We have seen some incredibly inventive designs that use portable cabins to make long term cafe and restaurant buildings. An example of this is a beach bar in Cornwall, constructed entirely using portable cabins, fully cladded with timber to fit the idyllic seaside location, housing a fully functioning kitchen, cosy restaurant, and W/C facilities. Visitors to this establishment would find it very difficult to identify the building as a construction made using portable cabins, and the versatility of such a product serves the purpose perfectly.

Home Gym

With exercise regimes becoming ever popular, and work life showing no signs of slowing down, it can often be difficult to fit public gym sessions into an ever-hectic schedule. Many of us are opting for home gym solutions, from simple workout DVDs and dumbbells to specific workout rooms with weightlifting benches and punch bags. But what about those individuals who can’t spare the space in their home? Many homeowners situated on a large plot of land are creating their very own gymnasiums using a portable cabin; the perfect space for a few machines and weights, giving you the privacy to work out in comfort, at any time that suits you! Plus, you don’t have to wait for a machine to become free!


Portable cabin shops are becoming very popular, as the industrial, upcycled trend continues to grow in popularity. The convenience of a portable cabin is unrivalled, requiring no building experience or construction skill set, and providing a neat, open space to invite potential customers into. There’s no need to think about waterproofing, foundation building or double glazing, as the construction is done for you! Portable cabins allow your creativity to flow, as there are so many interesting and inventive ways to design the space to suit the products on sale. For quirky outdoor camping equipment, create a rustic floor with pallet wood and shelving units from reclaimed scaffold boards for an outdoorsy style. If you’re hoping to sell football shirts, why not install some artificial grass for a fun and eye-catching design? The possibilities are endless!

Art Studio

Art studios are notoriously expensive, and unless you are located in London, are often hard to come by. With a portable cabin hire service, you can have your very own personal studio just a few steps from your backdoor! This is not only an economic option but can also allow artists to work whenever their creativity hits them, day or night. This is a popular option for those who have pets and like having the opportunity to head back into their home at any time.

More Conventional Uses For Portable Cabins


For schools undergoing a refurbishment, portable cabins provide the ideal temporary replacement for classrooms, coming in a variety of sizes that meet the demands of the size of each class. These are suitable year round, being well insulated for winter months, yet easily ventilated during the warm summer days.


Similarly to classrooms, offices having a redesign or companies moving offices entirely often use a portable cabin hire service as a temporary solution, allowing daily work to continue as usual while the permanent offices are set up. As modular facilities, portable cabins can easily expand and grow depending on your company size or employee number and can be used as more permanent measures if you are simply looking to expand.

Changing Rooms

At football pitches, schools, or scout hut locations, portable cabins offer a secure, weatherproof area that is adequately suitable as changing facilities. The spacious cabins are well insulated and heated, ensuring that changing in all conditions is perfectly comfortable. Non-slip flooring can be installed, and shower facilities can be easily fitted.

Marketing Suites

For new build houses on budding estates, portable cabins can provide the ideal temporary facility for the marketing and sales team to base themselves. This way, they are on site for viewings of showrooms and have all the necessary information to hand, such as floorplans.

Portable Cabin HireFor most conventional uses, a portable cabin hire service is the ideal option, as you can utilise the facilities temporarily, or on a long-term basis with an agreed payment plan. If you have any problems with your unit or need it taken away, Charles Wilson Engineers Ltd will take care of the logistics and maintenance as part of your cabin hire service, making the process easy for you from start to finish.

If you would like to use our portable cabin hire service or would like advice on the most suitable space solution to meet your requirements, please get in touch with our specialist team today who can provide you with knowledgeable information. Whether you are looking for a single unit or a larger quantity, Charles Wilson Engineers Ltd can cater to your needs.

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