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The Best Demolition Attachments to Help You Clear a Site Safely

The art of demolishing a site has changed significantly over the last couple of centuries. Back in the days of yesteryear, a couple of sticks of dynamite and a communal clear-up was the preferred practice. It is no surprise to learn that this method brought with it a high rate of casualties. Nowadays, demolishing a building is a much more sophisticated task, with excavators and demolition attachments taking the place of a broomstick and explosives.

Not only are the pieces of machinery used today so much more effective, they also offer a level of safety which escaped the method of dynamite (surprise, surprise). With health and safety at the forefront of every job, it is essential that the tools are not only fit for purpose, but that they prioritise the well-being of the workers using them.

Safety Equipment

Before we delve into the heavy machinery and specific demolition attachments and excavator attachments, we must first familiarise ourselves with the basic pieces of safety equipment required for each and every job. As a standard, a hi-vis jacket and helmet should be the uniform of anyone on the site of a demolition job. Depending on the nature of your work, knee pads, protective eyewear and steel toe capped boots should also be considered.

In comparison to the larger pieces of equipment which will feature on this list, safety equipment is available at a fraction of the cost and is just as important. When it comes to safety equipment you mustn’t compromise, so make sure you are looking out for yourself both inside the excavator and outside of it.

Excavator Attachments

Safety equipment can only do so much, however. When dealing with excavator attachments, measures need to be taken to make sure that whatever you are using is safe to use and is not going to put anyone in danger. With that in mind, the following list consists of demolition attachments that were designed with a workers safety in mind.

When using an excavator, a demolition guard will help protect you from flailing pieces of debris and loose materials. Typically, the windows of excavators are relatively protective, but this excavator attachment will give you that extra piece of mind in knowing you are completely protected while at work. The metal frame will shield and deflect any materials while also keeping the window of the excavator completely intact.

By using the demolition guard, there is more scope to use larger pieces of machinery for the clearing up process. Demolition attachments like a ripper tooth and mini crusher will allow you to remove stubborn objects and crush them into smaller pieces to aid the cleaning up process. Without the demolition guard, these objects may have to be deconstructed manually and in a more controlled manner, but with the added protection you can take the shortcut and crush them, saving time and effort.

Demolition Attachments

There are also a number of grabs available from Charles Wilson Engineers Ltd which are perfect for knocking down significant obstacles such as walls and frames safely. A crushing bucket is one of the best excavator attachments for not only helping with the demolition job but also cleaning up and reducing waste as it goes along. By reducing the amount of waste products produced on site and grinding them down into smaller chunks, the possibility of larger objects falling down or causing injuries is reduced instantly. Alongside the obvious safety benefits, a crushing bucket will eliminate the need for off-site transport to dispose of the waste and will also remove the added burden of landfill tax.

Although excavators have been designed to be as safe as possible, some of the jobs and tasks they have to undertake can leave room for error. When manoeuvring materials around the site, there is the potential for objects to fall from grabs and magnets if they are not secured properly. Investing in a high force Clambshell digging grab will act as the perfect counterbalance to this problem. The size of the bucket will accelerate the clearing up process, and due to the security of the grab, the site will also be a safer one.

The health of the machinery you are operating also has a direct correlation to the safety of your workforce, too. For that reason alone, it is important to carry out routine checks of any vehicles or machinery to make sure they are in full working order and are not posing any risks to your site. Be sure to check the controls of your plant hire equipment in a safe environment and notify an appropriate team member if you suspect any changes in function or if you have any concerns over the vehicle.

On the topic of the health of your vehicles, there are excavator attachments available to make your digger more efficient and more reliable. A fume filter unit will remove up to 95 percent of particulate from diesel engine exhausts, which will contribute to the life expectancy of your excavator.

This list of excavator attachments and demolition attachments offer a variety of benefits to any site. Depending on your requirements, you may need one or all of these attachments, but no matter how many of them you hire, you can rest assured that your site will be in safe hands with any piece of equipment or machinery from this list because when it comes to safety on site, it is often the littlest steps which make the biggest difference.

Whether you are dealing with a demolition job or any other task, Charles Wilson Engineers Ltd have an array of products to fit any task. From demolition attachments to safety equipment to telehandlers, we have it all, so get in touch with us today on 01582 763 122 to speak to a member of our team, or find your nearest branch through our branch locator and come and see us in store. You can also click through to our contact us page and fill out our online form to leave us a message, too.