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The Benefits of Tower Lights

17th November 2019Here at Charles Wilson Engineers Ltd we specialise in supplying you with plant and tool hire options to suit your project or event. We work directly with businesses to help them find the right equipment for their project, making things…Categories: Latest News, News & Events

X-ECO Tower Lights

5th September 2019Introducing our new X-Eco LED Tower Light With the Tower Light season approaching, Charles Wilson Engineers is pleased to announce that our tower light fleet has recently been upgraded. Our fleet is more eco-friendly and sustainable than ever before. Our…Categories: Latest News, News & Events

The Different Types of Access Platform

19th April 2018Access platforms are almost universally applicable in every industry, but there are so many types available that it can be difficult to decipher which you require for your project. There are three main ‘categories’ of access platforms available: folding, stationary/semi-stationary,…Categories: Latest News

A14 Upgrade from Cambridge to Huntingdon: The Numbers After 1 Year

14th March 2018A14 Upgrade From Cambridge to Huntingdon: The Numbers After 1 Year One of the largest road construction projects in the UK, the upgrade to the A14 between Cambridge and Huntingdon, recently crossed the quarter-way point in November 2017 as a…Categories: Huntingdon, Latest News

Why Property Development is Increasing in Huntingdon

23rd February 2018Huntingdon and Cambridgeshire are currently undergoing a property boom, with the number of properties being developed in the county increasing and house prices almost doubling over the last year. With Huntingdon and Cambridgeshire seemingly becoming a more desirable place to…Categories: Huntingdon, Latest News

The Evolution of Safety Equipment and Personal Protective Equipment

19th February 2018The Evolution of Safety Equipment and Personal Protective Equipment     Over the past 100 years, technology has accelerated at a phenomenal rate, leaving us with products, gadgets, and materials that have become ingrained in our day to day lives.…Categories: Latest News

Understanding Land Surveying: A Guide to Surveying Equipment

30th January 2018The role of land surveyors and the surveying equipment they use is essential to the industry of construction and architecture. Through their practices, land surveyors ensure that the land for structural and building plans of any kind is safe to…Categories: Latest News, News & Events

Portable Cabins and Modular Cabins – What’s the Difference?

18th December 2017Portable cabins and modular cabins provide a very similar function – but there are some key differences. Learning the differences between the two can help in your decision when picking between portable cabin hire or modular cabins. When you’re looking…Categories: Latest News

A Comprehensive Guide to Excavators and Diggers

13th December 2017The thankless task of shifting large quantities of materials on a day to day basis is a chore that plagues workers in many different construction industries. In an attempt to appease this task, and to speed up the entire construction…Categories: Latest News

The Beginner’s Guide to Access Platform Hire

8th December 2017Working at height is part and parcel of the job for workers in a variety of industries, meaning the likelihood of coming into contact with access platform hire equipment is quite high. As one of the most common pieces of…Categories: Latest News

Everything You Need to Know about Eco Tower Lights

28th November 2017With strict deadlines, antsy project managers and a continuous wait for materials to be delivered, the nature of construction work suggests that the job must get done, no matter what obstacles you are faced with. Depending on the industry and…Categories: Latest News

Why Portable Cabins Are the Perfect On-Site Office

24th October 2017With heavy machinery, mounds of materials and an army of workers and builders occupying every construction site, it can be difficult for project managers to find a suitable space to set up an office. Although there may not be any…Categories: Latest News

The Importance of Survey Equipment

4th October 2017The Importance of Survey Equipment Being a land surveyor is, reportedly, the second oldest profession conceived by humanity – we have an incessant need to determine points on the Earth’s surface, the distance between these points, and the angles produced…Categories: Latest News

What is Lifting Equipment? A Guide to Types of Lifting Equipment

25th September 2017  Lifting Equipment Definition – What is Lifting Equipment? When someone says ‘lifting equipment’, you may be picturing gigantic cranes, telehandlers, and forklifts. However, the lifting equipment definition actually encompasses any equipment that is used for lifting loads. That means…Categories: Latest News

Does Safety Equipment Really Work?

5th September 2017Does Safety Equipment Really Work? The priority of any project manager is the safety of his workers and everyone on site. With this consideration in mind, it is essential to ensure that the appropriate safety equipment is worn at all…Categories: Latest News, News & Events

Why Is Forklift Training So Important?

25th August 2017Forklift driving may seem like a simple job, but are you aware of the dangers you are at risk of when operating a forklift? Forklifts can be one of the most dangerous pieces of workplace equipment and, under the Provision …Categories: Latest News, News & Events

Uses for a Silent Generator That You Might Not Have Thought Of

23rd August 2017Generators are generally something thought of for huge industrial projects and buildings such as hospitals. However, silent generators and their uses are vast. The most off-putting thing for many when it comes to utilising a generator is the incredible noise…Categories: Latest News, News & Events, Products

Welcome to Our New Huntingdon Depot!

27th July 2017With over 30 years of experience under our belts, Charles Wilson Engineers Ltd have continued to grow and expand with the opening of their new Huntingdon depot.…Categories: Huntingdon, Latest News, News & Events

The Best Demolition Attachments to Help You Clear a Site Safely

26th July 2017The art of demolishing a site has changed significantly over the last couple of centuries. Back in the days of yesteryear, a couple of sticks of dynamite and a communal clear-up was the preferred practice. It is no surprise to…Categories: Latest News, News & Events

Here’s Why You Should Consider Safety Equipment Hire

29th June 2017It can be difficult to decide between safety equipment hire and safety equipment purchase. Here at Charles Wilson Engineers Ltd, we have a breadth of industry experience that has informed us on the benefits of hiring over purchasing, and we…Categories: Latest News, Products

Air Conditioning – Renting vs. Buying

23rd June 2017Deciding whether to install permanent air conditioning or renting your AC supply seasonally can be a complex issue for any business. Evidently, there are pros and cons for either side. Throughout this article, we aim to amalgamate all of the…Categories: Latest News, News & Events, Products

Up, Up And Away: What Lifting Equipment Do You Need?

25th May 2017Sometimes, elbow grease and lifting from your legs just isn’t enough. For the heavier jobs, you are going to need some mechanical help. Luckily, Charles Wilson Engineers Ltd have broken down their extensive catalogue of lifting equipment to help you…Categories: Latest News, News & Events

Top Ideas for Portable Cabins – Unique and Conventional Uses

24th May 2017Here at Charles Wilson Engineers Ltd, we like to hear about the interesting and inventive ways that our portable cabins are put to use. With our cabin hire service, our customers often use our products for conventional uses. However, on…Categories: Latest News, News & Events, Products

How to Pick Your Skid Steer Attachments

19th May 2017Picking the right machine attachments for your project will be the difference between an efficient, expertly completed job or money wasted. Don’t make the mistake of picking the wrong skid steer attachments for your equipment hire; Charles Wilson Engineers Ltd…Categories: Latest News, News & Events, Products

How to Safely Use Access Platform Hire Equipment

25th April 2017Working at heights requires safe, professional equipment to ensure that you and your team are fully supported when carrying out jobs. With access platform hire equipment ranging from alloy towers to step ladders, you can equip yourself for whatever height…Categories: Latest News, News & Events, Products

Forklift Training and PASMA Training Courses – What You Need To Know

15th March 2017Maintaining safety standards in the workplace is incredibly important, with training from certified courses increasingly becoming a requirement rather than a recommendation. If you ensure that you, as an individual or your workforce as a group, can comply with on-site…Categories: Latest News, News & Events

Your Guide to Attachments for Hire: Demolition Attachments and Excavator Attachments

22nd February 2017When you’re approaching a new task, you want to ensure that you’ve got the optimum equipment available to you for your demolition and excavator needs. In the world of plant hire attachments, new developments are consistently being seen, as…Categories: Latest News, News & Events, Products