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Portable Cabins and Modular Cabins – What’s the Difference?

Portable cabins and modular cabins provide a very similar function – but there are some key differences. Learning the differences between the two can help in your decision when picking between portable cabin hire or modular cabins. When you’re looking for accommodation for your site, the last thing you want is last minute delays and disruption due to the wrong style of hire unit being delivered. From installation method to size and flexibility, find out about your options here with Charles Wilson Engineers Ltd.


Portable Cabins

Portable cabins, like those supplied by Charles Wilson Engineers Ltd, are constructed off site. They are self-contained structures which come in a variety of forms – from portable toilets to anti-vandal security units. When undertaking work onsite, you can use portable cabins for offices, meeting rooms, storage, and more. The benefits of choosing portable cabin hire for your project is that they take up less time because they turn up to you completely assembled! With no assembly required, you can begin the job without disruption.


Modular Cabins

A modular cabin is different from a portable cabin in that it requires assembly on site. Some people like the flexibility of those as they can arrange it on site from scratch, however the movability of portable cabins gives you must of this benefit pre-made. With modular cabins, you are able to create multistorey buildings by constructing them on site, which you might find is something that your project needs. This multistorey option is something we can also provide through our portable accommodation.


We hope this helps with your decision when it comes to choosing the right accommodation units for your work site. If you’re interested in portable cabins for hire, or want to speak with the expert staff at Charles Wilson Engineers Ltd to find out more about our accommodation hire options, visit our branch locator to find the number for your nearest depot.