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A Comprehensive Guide to Excavators and Diggers

The thankless task of shifting large quantities of materials on a day to day basis is a chore that plagues workers in many different construction industries. In an attempt to appease this task, and to speed up the entire construction process, excavators were initially designed to shift lots of materials from A to B as quickly as possible. Nowadays, with the support of science and technology to boot, excavators and diggers have become a workers tool of choice for a number of different tasks, whether it be construction, destruction or demolition. With excavators and diggers becoming increasingly important in the world of construction, Charles Wilson Engineers Ltd outline everything you need to know about excavators and why excavator hire options are being considered by more and more contracting firms.

What Are Excavators and Diggers?

As previously mentioned, excavators were originally designed to help shift large portions of materials and to dig up specific areas. Colloquially known as ‘diggers’, excavators and diggers are now used by contractors for a number of different tasks, including the demolition of buildings, material handling, and they can also be fitted with saw and mower attachments to assist with other tasks.

The Many Different Types of Excavator

If you are considering any excavator hire options, it is important to understand the many different types of excavator. To operate on various types of terrain and to maneuver along steep, hilly ground, a crawler excavator will be the safest and most efficient option, as their chain wheel system allows the machine to trek across various different plains easily. On the contrary, if you are mainly operating on firm, flat ground, then a wheeled excavator will be the best option, as these are usually quicker and more agile, allowing you to operate the flat surfaces quicker than you would be able to in a crawler. Although the bodies and chassis’ of these machines are very similar, it is important to choose the right system for your area of operation, as opting for the wrong system will have a significant impact on the efficiency of your work.

When discussing the functionality of excavators and diggers, it is worth mentioning the various attachments that can be fitted to an excavator jib. As the excavators jib articulates, it can be used on various different jobs if fitted with the correct attachment. We have already mentioned the saw and mower attachments, which are perfect for demolition and destruction tasks, but there are a number of other attachments that can be used to help transcend excavators and diggers into other industries. For a more detailed guide on excavator hire attachments, read our previous blog which looks at ‘Your Guide to Attachments for Hire: Demolition Attachments and Excavator Attachments’.

Health & Safety for Excavators and Diggers

As with any piece of heavy machinery, it is important to ensure that you are familiar with the health and safety procedures and protocols for using these vehicles. Particularly with excavators, there is good reason for understanding the risks that come with using these pieces of equipment. Almost a third of work related fatalities from 2012-2016 were as a result of moving vehicles or objects, and 16 percent of all work related injuries are due to workers being hit by a moving, flying or falling object or by being in contact with a moving vehicle. With such serious risks being demonstrated by these vehicles, the correct training and guidance must be given to anyone attempting to operate a vehicle of this nature.

Excavator Training Courses

To prevent any of the injuries mentioned above, there are a number of training courses available to help teach workers how to handle excavators and diggers and how to use them safely and efficiently. By enrolling on a CPCS course, workers are walked through the routine safety checks that must be carried out before operating the vehicle, and they are also taught how to use every function of the excavator, as well as being taught how to fit certain attachments. Completing this course does not only qualify you to use exacators, but it also creates more opportunities for work. As we have already discussed, excavators and diggers are becoming increasingly common in the workplace, so by being able to demonstrate an ability to handle these machines, there will be a healthy amount of work available.

Benefits of Excavator Hire

Due to the costs of purchasing and running an excavator, excavator hire options have become the most popular way of enlisting the help of these machines on your site. With excavator hire options, you only have to put forward a fraction of what it would cost to buy the vehicle outright, and you do not have to worry about the frequent maintenance costs that come with these machines, such as repairs, insurance and tax. Although these machines are becoming more and more popular with contractors, they do still remain a specialist piece of equipment, and, as industries change and technologies improve, by using an excavator hire option, you will also be able to get your hands on the latest addition of these machines, meaning the quality and precision of your work will be increased significantly. If you regularly partake in work that requires excavator hire, then it may be worth buying one of these vehicles outright to save money in the long run, but if your need of an excavator is fairly inconsistent, then excavator hire is the most economical option.

Excavator Hire from Charles Wilson Engineers Ltd

If you or your company regularly partake in work that requires the support of industry standard excavators, then our excavator hire service may be for you. If you wish to find out more about this service, then contact Charles Wilson Engineers Ltd today by calling us on 01582 763 122 or by leaving us a message via our online contact form. Alternatively, you can pop into your local Charles Wilson Engineers Ltd branch to view all of our products first hand. Head over to our branch locator to find your nearest hire shop today and a member of our friendly and professional team will be able to assist you with any queries you may have.

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