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Uses for a Silent Generator That You Might Not Have Thought Of

Generators are generally something thought of for huge industrial projects and buildings such as hospitals. However, silent generators and their uses are vast. The most off-putting thing for many when it comes to utilising a generator is the incredible noise that they produce. However, there are a vast range of silent generators for hire available, all of which offer reduced noise pollution whilst not compromising on power. In fact, silent generators can be used in numerous ways that you might not have even thoughts of, letting you enjoy the things you love with far more convenience, such as…

Use a silent generator to light your horse stable

Winter months mean for many that they can’t spend as much time at their stable with their horses, as the dark makes grooming and mucking impossible. Due to the locations of many horse stables, energy is difficult to come by and lighting is poor if even in existence at all. This is a problem many have, but generators are shied away from due to the loud noise they make. Therefore, silent generators are a great solution to providing light at your horse stable. You can hire a silent generator from Charles Wilson Engineers Ltd just for the winter months, meaning it’s not imposing on your space when it’s lighter and you really don’t need it.

Camping with a silent generator

Roughing it in the outdoors is a great experience for everyone, whether you’re an intrepid adventure or a beach-holiday person looking for a change. However, camping doesn’t have to be all about inconvenience. Whether you’re going to a big festival, or are gathering the family for a stay in some gorgeous countryside camping retreat together, any camping trip will benefit from hiring a silent generator. By using a generator, you can have good lighting, cooking, and music all running whilst still having all of the enjoyment of the great outdoors. By choosing a silent generator, you’re ensuring nothing distracts from the tranquility of nature and, more importantly, you’re not annoying any nearby campers!

Free up your wedding location with a generator

An outdoor wedding is a dream for many, but with restrictions such as power outlets, many shy away from this option feeling it to be unrealistic. However, by investing in a silent generator for hire, you can pick any outdoor spot to host your big day. A generator can ensure your DJ has the power he needs to play your music into the night, will allow the catering team to prepare your food for you, and will keep the dance floor lights going well past dark. You can even ensure that your marquees are heated so that guests don’t get cold and trundle off home. Hiring a silent generator gives you complete freedom on where you host your big day.

If you’ve never considered a silent generator for hire before and want to discuss your options, have a browse of our silent generators today. Don’t hesitate to give the team at Charles Wilson Engineers Ltd a call using our handy branch locator; we’ll discuss our hire options with you and advise you of the best generator for your needs.