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What is Lifting Equipment? A Guide to Types of Lifting Equipment

Lifting Equipment Definition – What is Lifting Equipment?

When someone says ‘lifting equipment’, you may be picturing gigantic cranes, telehandlers, and forklifts. However, the lifting equipment definition actually encompasses any equipment that is used for lifting loads. That means that numerous accessories, such as hoists, are also included within the lifting equipment definition.

You’ll notice that in Charles Wilson Engineers Ltd’s lifting equipment product section, you’ll find everything from a small block extractor to a large Genie super lift. Anything that helps someone lift and lower items falls under the umbrella of lifting equipment. So, what is lifting equipment? Any equipment that helps you lift!

Types of Lifting Equipment

Due to the broad nature of the term ‘lifting equipment’, you will find that there are recognised types of lifting equipment that have been agreed upon, which will help you to discover just what lifting equipment you need for the job at hand.

Generally, types of lifting equipment are split into ‘heavy lifting equipment’ and equipment that isn’t designed for heavy lifting on a worksite. Some lifting equipment, such as escalators, do not fall under LOLER (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998) so are not subject to the same rigorous stipulations as other lifting equipment such as cranes. However, you should still be thoroughly aware of any Health and Safety guidelines that will be in place on your worksite.

It is important when looking at types of lifting equipment to be confident that you are able to properly handle the lifting task that you have. This means having qualified staff and well-maintained machinery or accessories. At Charles Wilson Engineers Ltd we thoroughly inspect all of our equipment before it is delivered to our customers, meaning you can be sure that it will reach you in top working condition.

To find out more about the lifting equipment for hire that we have available or to enrol yourself or your staff onto a training course to ensure that the right skills are met for the job, simply give our head office a call on 01582 763 122.

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