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A Guide On The Different Types Of Sander Available To Hire

Here at CW Plant Hire, we offer a wide selection of different types of sander, available for all of your refining needs. With a lot to consider, it is important to understand what products are most suitable for each individual job you will be undergoing and the health and safety that should be considered before using these products. By reading through this guide you will gain a better understanding of what tools we have available to hire and which ones that should be chosen for individual your jobs. All of the equipment we offer here at CW Plant Hire is necessary for creating a great quality finish. The most requested equipment we have available for use consists of the following; sand gliders; floor edging sanders; floor sander; belt sanders; orbital sanders; disc sander router (¼ and ½.) Whether you are self-employed or work within a big operation, we have all of the information you need to know about using our different types of sanders available

The Sandglider

The ‘Sandglider’ is able to sand a floor right up to those hard-to-reach, awkward edges, eliminating the need to hire or purchase an edging sander. The sandglider can also be fitted with polishing pads which enables the machine to polish the floor, finalising the job with a beautiful finish. This tool also has a built-in dust collector system, which is capable of collecting 95% of the dust created in the process. The safety equipment you will need to be wearing when using this manual tool will be full equipment; safety boots; gloves; eye protection; ear protection and a mask to protect your nose and mouth.

Floor edging sander

As explained above, the floor edging sander is used to work into those hard to reach grooves in the corners and edges of a room. This product is perfect for confined areas such as closets, and stair treads. The floor edge sander will work right up to the edge of a floor without damaging the skirting board. Again, full safety protection will be required for using this machinery.

Palm Sanders

To achieve optimum results on the quickest and easiest way to smooth wood, the palm sander is a great tool to choose from our selection. This product is best for light sanding and sanding applications within restricted areas. Although the dust is collected as the machine is used, you will need to wear full safety gear whilst operating.

Belt Sander

The belt sander is best used for smoothing over large, flat surfaces. Rough surfaces in particular. It is important to know that you need to sand to the grain of the wood on flat surfaces to avoid any scratches appearing. The Belt sander is excellent for removing an old finish, such as paint or old stains from surfaces. Again, you should be sanding the parallel to the grain of the wood. Make sure you don’t put too much pressure on, otherwise the abrasive belt can clog up. Allow the weight of the tool to provide the correct amount of pressure.

Orbital Sander

The Orbital sander is a lightweight, controllable tool to use. This type of sander is best for rounding off pointed edges, sanding off stiff wood putty and smoothing over wood to give a flat and sleek finish. You are able to sand in any direction due to the circle face of the machine and orbiting motion it moves in. For a really fine finish on flat wood. All personal safety wear will need to be worn when handling this machinery.

Router ¼ and ½

These powerful and plunge routers will produce a quick clean and accurate result when rebating, recessing and chamfering as well as template cutting in plastic and wood. All safety protection must be worn when operating this machinery.


Hopefully, this guide has assisted and served to help any carpenters or tradespeople within the industry. Take a look at our carpentry and sanding tools page by clicking here if you are considering hiring any of our tools. For more information on our machinery and different types of sander we have available to hire, please fill out one of our enquiry forms, or call us on 01582 763 122.