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A Guide on National Access Platform Hire

access platform hire

Charles Wilson Plant Hire offers to take the hassle out of access platform hire. No matter what your height requirements or working conditions are, we cater to all your needs, whether you have a large construction project you are undergoing, that requires an alloy tower, or you are a builder in need of a step ladder or safe access to high points. Our access equipment hire options allow you to hire access platforms that are suitable for you, whatever your requirements may be. Please continue to follow our guide on national platform hire to find out more.

It is crucial that anyone working at height planning to use any of our access platform hire products that they know the correct protocol and that they have the appropriate training.

Alloy Access Tower

An alloy access tower is a lightweight, mobile piece of equipment that can be used in most working conditions. Whether it is outside or indoors, this tool is a useful solution for general construction work. The alloy access tower can be assembled quickly and efficiently, perfect for a small or short term job. The tower is made up of strong metal scaffolding poles and wooden planks, that come in a variety of lengths for you to choose your ideal working platform, depending on what job you will be undertaking, an alloy access tower is easy to transport, set up and pack away. It is a key component within construction work or for DIY-enthusiasts. Charles Wilson Engineers Ltd has the variation of narrow or standard alloy access tower available for you to hire.

Staging Hand-Rail System

This type of access platform hire is used for people working at height and is a legal safety regulation to those who are working at height that is over 2 metres high. These handrails prevent accidents and falls from occurring and hold other tools and pieces of equipment safely and securely. We strongly advise that you always use handrails if you are working at height. Toe-board brackets are a requirement alongside scaffold toe-boards when working from height using a staging handrail system.

Stairwell access

Stairwell access platforms are specifically designed for stairways, providing a safe and secure form of access for you to work around. Perfect for painters, decorators, contractors and maintenance workers. The stairwell access platform is straight-forward and efficient to assemble, use and dismantle. They are supplied with everything you would require for your job, including a working platform, safety handrail, ladder access and safety toe-boards. We pride ourselves in our safety and security over the equipment we have available to hire and have a range of different sizes for you, dependent on the job.

Razor Deck

The razor deck access platform is a self-erecting tower. A lightweight, yet powerful and sturdy, low-level work platform. This piece of equipment is a great tool to use for working at height, as it’s easy and efficient to operate, ultimately saving time and reduces manual labour. We also carry-out full safety assessments to help reduce the risk of injury. It can easily fit through a standard doorway and can be transported via a large estate car or van. It doesn’t hold any loose or fussy components to help assemble it. The self-powered, flat pack razor deck is effortless and runs smoothly from start to finish.

Sherpastopic Work Platform

Our Sherpastopic work platforms come in two different sizes, 4-6 rung tread and 7-9 rung tread. This range of equipment is easily transportable and folds nice and easily into storage. The Sherpastopic ladder is perfect for when you need a platform with a guardrail and is fitted with stabiliser legs, fully enclosed, meaning it is very safe to use. It can be adjusted to the perfect height required depending on what job you have and what you want to achieve.

More Information

For more information on our other access platform hire equipment and its availability, you can use our branch locator to speak to a member of the Charles Wilson Ltd team, Who will be able to advise you on the best hiring options that meet your requirements. Other options that we offer within our service consist of the following, Snappy Tower, Multi-purpose Stair Ladder, Lightweight staging boards, Razor Deck, Steel Trestles, Trestle Handrail System, Pole Ladder, Ladder Standoff, Ladder Stopper.


For more information about our Charles Wilsons’ access platform hire equipment and our availability, from our lift hire to our mobile platforms and alloy towers, you can use our branch locator and speak to a friendly member within our team who will advise you on the best hiring options to meet all of your requirements. You can also call us today on 01582 763 122 or fill out an enquiry page.