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Welfare unit

A Guide to Welfare Units

construction site, using the welfare units

Welfare units Available to Hire

Established in 1979, Charles Wilson Engineers Ltd has 40 years of experience in providing great plant hire service. We offer a range of high-quality products, including welfare units. For any employer working within the construction industry, you will understand how the site can be cold, muddy and a difficult environment to work in. Welfare units provide a clean and adequate space for employees, that offer a safe and hygienic place to wash, use the toilet, rest, debrief staff and hold meetings. By law, any construction site is required to provide welfare units if the project is scheduled to take over 30 days. Apart from these units being a legal necessity, they are tailored to ensure your employees are comfortable and do not have to leave the site to search for basic facilities every other workplace are equipped with. This, ultimately, boots productivity and morale for your staff.

The Options Available to Hire

Charles Wilson Engineers Ltd understands the importance of the well-being of your employees in the workplace, we pride ourselves in the quality of the welfare units we have available to hire with a number of options in a range of styles. If you are looking for a comfortable and sturdy environment for construction sites or public events, our hire service can provide a selection of welfare units and portable cabins that include: site offices, canteens, security cabins, portable toilets, toilet blocks, secure generator containers and storage units. Our welfare units are available in both mobile and static.

Mobile welfare unit- 16’- This unit we have available to hire incorporates numerous environmentally friendly features that reduce emissions, maintenance, fuel consumption, noise pollution and generator hours. The office area is spacious for up to 4 people, a 6 man canteen layout, under seat storage is available.

Compact 16ft x 8ft
Greener, quieter and cleaner
LED lighting
Fitted with a retractable axel & built-in system to raise and lower the unit
Robust and ready to use
Easy and quick to set-up
Well equipped.

Mobile Welfare Unit 12’- With its compact size and lightweight design, these welfare units are also fitted with a retractable axel and built-in hydraulic system to raise and lower the unit- meaning you can be operational on to a site within minutes of arrival.

This 12ft x 8ft mobile welfare unit from Charles Wilson Engineers Ltd is supplied and equipped with an integral generator, toilet area, wash station and drying room. Within the canteen, there is available seating for up to 6 people and cooking facilities including a microwave, an oven and kettle.

Compact 12ft x 8ft
Robust and easy to use
Well equipped and easy to use
Latest 12v technology

Static Welfare Units 24’ to 26’- The static welfare units available to hire from Charles Wilson Engineers Ltd, meet all of the HSE requirements, providing all of your on-site needs in one compact cost-effective package. These units are for use where no mains power, water or drainage facilities are available. We have a comprehensive range of welfare units which are fully self-contained with an independent internal power supply.
Other features consist of:

Canteen and seating area
Hot and cold running water
Toilet and wash facilities
Area to dry clothes
Water tank and generator

Benefits of Welfare Units

Hiring our welfare units and portables are a savvy way to provide facilities that legally meet HSE guidelines for hot water, heating and lighting. Let’s look into the reasons as to why these units are so beneficial…


Each of the welfare units we have available to hire all provide a welcoming environment that takes you away from the construction site, giving you somewhere to rest and feel relaxed. Whether your staff needs somewhere to hold important meetings or a place to eat and relax on a lunch break, welfare units provide a flexible space where you are able to have a central point with all the functions of a normal work environment.

Increased Efficiency

Efficiency within the work-place is increased as welfare facilities cut the need to travel elsewhere to find the nearest toilet or cafe. Keeping your workers warm, fed and ultimately, this improves work productivity and can contribute to getting work done quicker in comparison to losing work hours from off-site diversions.

Durability and Sustainability

Our welfare units are all built using the latest technology in order to make sure they are fully equipped for all your needs. High security and eco-friendly features that reduce emissions, fuel consumption and noise pollution all help you to meet sustainability targets as a company.

Making the choice to hire one of our highly-equipped welfare units will provide, warmth, safety and a relaxed environment to your workers as well as securing your reputation as a company that meets HSE guidelines and safety requirements.


If you have any further questions regarding hiring our welfare facilities, or you would be interested in looking at the other services we provide, please get in touch by filling out an online enquiry form or give us a call today on 01582 763 122.