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Charles Wilson changes to HVO fuel

Saving up to 90% in greenhouse gas emissions

April 2022 – The UK’s net-zero target is fast approaching and cutting harmful emissions has never been more important. Not only that, but businesses have a legal duty to reduce their environmental impact. With customers increasingly seeking sustainable products and new laws set to come into place, there’s no better time than the present to switch your diesel for HVO fuel to reduce up to 90% of net CO2 emissions right away.

What is HVO fuel?

Hydrotreated vegetable oil is a paraffinic diesel fuel that can be used as a direct replacement for both red and white diesel. It offers superior operational and environmental performance over fossil diesel with vast environmental benefits that support existing logistical infrastructure.

What is HVO fuel made from?

HVO is synthesised from 100% renewable raw materials such as vegetable oils, animal oils and fats, which reduces net CO2 greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 90%. All raw materials are checked and verified and the fuel’s credentials audited by the Department for Transport (DFT) to ensure both sustainability and product integrity are certified.

Why use HVO fuel?

Many alternatives to the harmful emissions released from fossil fuels aren’t straightfoward; from charging points to new pipework and unique storage conditions. All of this new infrastructure requires money, storage space and new skills.


The advantage of using HVO fuel is that you don’t need to worry about any of the above. HVO fuel can be used as a direct replacement to diesel; it can be stored in the same fuel tank and it can be used in exactly the same way as red diesel.

HVO fuel can be used as a replacement for red diesel without having to adjust engines. It conforms to EN 15940 & ASTM D975 standards for paraffinic and diesel fuels, the Fuel Quality Directive 2009/30/EC Annex 2, and has been approved for use by a large number of OEMs. HVO fuel provides a straightforward solution for businesses that are currently using fossil diesel and are looking to lower their carbon emissions.

Long shelf life

By using HVO fuel, you will join us in tackling climate change head-on by sustainably fuelling your operations.


  • FAME-free, fossil-free & sulphur-free
  • Year-round performance
  • Up to 90% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
  • Shelf-life of up to 10 years compared to 1 year for mineral diesel
  • A simple step towards ‘net zero’ with no CAPEX requirement
  • 100% hydrocarbon, sustainable, renewable and biodegradable
  • Clean burning, reducing particulate build-up and engine wear
  • Drop-in alternative for mineral diesel (conforming to EN 15940) and approved by numerous OEM’s
  • Exceptional cold-weather performance
  • Produced from renewable and sustainable sources