Sany 1.5T Electric Mini Digger

Model: Sany SY19e

Product Code: 070102......

  • Description
    • Machine Weight: 1965kg
    • Engine Power: 15kW
    • Dig Depth: 2360mm
    • Maximum Width: 980mm
    • Height: 2440mm

    Combine versatility and power with our Sany 1.5T Electric Mini Digger. Designed for efficiency and precision, this compact mini digger is perfect for navigating tight spaces while delivering maximum performance. Its robust build ensures durability, while the advanced all electric technology guarantees smooth operation and heightened productivity. Whether you're tackling landscaping projects or construction tasks, the Sany SY19e offers unmatched reliability and ease of use. Hire our Sany electric mini digger today to elevate your workflow and experience, guaranteeing exceptional results every time.

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  • Health and Safety
    Please refer to the operator manual or instruction guide for details