Bobcat 1.5T Mini Digger

Model: Bobcat E17

Product Code: 070102.

  • Description
    • Machine Weight: 1711 kg
    • Engine Power: 10.2 kW
    • Dig Depth: 2249 mm
    • Width: 1360 mm, 980mm (retracted)
    • Height: 2299 mm

    The Bobcat 1.5T mini digger delivers performance in confined spaces with the need for only minimal repositioning. The operator can hydraulically retract the undercarriage to a width of only 98 cm in order to travel through gates or between walls and houses, then expand it to 136 cm for a wider footprint and greater performance. The E17 has reduced tail swing for better versatility and manoeuvrability on compact job sites. 

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  • Health and Safety
    Please refer to the operator manual or instruction guide for details