Low Level Access Platform – Nano SPE 24v DC

Model: Nano SPE 24v DC

Product Code: 20504

  • Description
    • Working Height: 4.5 m
    • Maximum Platform Height: 2.5m
    • Weight: 500kg
    • Platform Capacity: 200kg
    • Copy Spec 5

    The Nano SPE 24v DC work platform is a drivable mast lift. It is fully self-propelled, even when fully elevated. It is usually the preferred choice where the application requires a smaller footprint, yet large platform area. Typical users include mechanical, electrical and HVAC contractors, dry-walling carpenters, painters, etc. In facility maintenance this product is often used for cleaning, painting, decorating and general building maintenance.

  • Health and Safety
    Please refer to the operator manual or instruction guide for details