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Here’s Why You Should Consider Safety Equipment Hire

It can be difficult to decide between safety equipment hire and safety equipment purchase. Here at Charles Wilson Engineers Ltd, we have a breadth of industry experience that has informed us on the benefits of hiring over purchasing, and we endeavour to inform you of those throughout this blog post.


First and foremost, it is obvious that safety equipment hire is cheaper than purchase, at least initially. There is less immediate financial investment, which is ideal for smaller companies or those that are unlikely to require the equipment often.

However, consistent renting over a long period could, eventually, amount to the overall outlay surmounting the initial investment cost that was unsuitable. This money would be spread out over time, so it is less likely to strain a business than an upfront cost. Furthermore, this is not a guarantee and could also be unavoidable or unpredictable. It is still certainly just something to consider.


Safety equipment hire would offset the need for permanent storage of the equipment. There would be no need, or at least no infinite need, to store equipment at the business’ premises as the owning company can deliver the kit to the required site, set it up and then pick it up for return. This relieves the pressure on your business and means there are fewer compromises to be made on behalf of the equipment itself. Furthermore, there is not always space for storage at a business’ premises, which could lead to the need for a storage facility to be utilised at an extra cost for the business.

On the other hand, however, there is the issue of lacking constant access with rental equipment. As accommodating as hiring companies can be, there are no guarantees. Therefore, projects that are last minute or time sensitive may be missed as a result of not having permanent access to equipment, which is unlikely, but something to be considered before a decision is made.


Maintenance, especially when it requires replacement, can be an unwelcome hassle for businesses that purchase equipment. However, through rental, that is dealt with by the owning company. This removes pressure from your business to consistently check kit, which may be neglected during busy periods of time. Rental companies are legally required to ensure the safety of equipment they are in charge of, which gives proper motivation to follow through with this. Moreover, as is true with all facets of equipment, replacements are often necessary – for safety, inability to repair or update reasons. This means you will be in constant access to new, safe and operational equipment which is ideal for businesses that need to keep employees and workplaces safe. Further motivation for proper upkeep for a rental company is the fact that they would endeavour to offer the best service possible – to encourage repeat business, good reviews and prevent potential liabilities.


There is a certain flexibility to safety equipment hire that cannot be said for purchase. The scalability and options available allow for better adjustment to different situations. There is no need to engage in a commitment to a number/type of equipment as an estimate, as is true with purchase. Instead, calculations can be made to accommodate different projects or timeframes, when necessary. Rental can be more precise and efficient when considering the fact that types of equipment can be called upon when the appropriate projects require it. This flexibility would be far more expensive when kit is purchased. Growth or downsizing of businesses is also difficult to predict, but would have to be when items are purchased. This could lead to over, or under-ordering which would cause problems – in terms of both money and space.


Finally, technician support is readily available in safety equipment hire situations. This is often not the case when purchasing, especially without extra cost. The consistent upgrading of equipment and likelihood of requiring special equipment, which are already two factors for hiring over purchasing, accentuate the necessity for technical support. Trained technicians are on hand to offer an insight into the operations of the equipment at all times with rental services and this compounds with their necessity to your business’ experience with safety equipment.


To conclude, safety equipment hire makes sense for all businesses that require flexibility and are not in a financial position to commit to a set amount of equipment. Similarly, safety equipment hire offers the opportunity to use equipment that is not common for all jobs once, which prevents the need for substantial outlay for one-time-use and suggests all businesses could benefit from rental at some point, so should not forget about the potential of rental.

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