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Why Portable Cabins Are the Perfect On-Site Office

With heavy machinery, mounds of materials and an army of workers and builders occupying every construction site, it can be difficult for project managers to find a suitable space to set up an office. Although there may not be any room for bespoke, tailor-made workstations, portable cabins and cabin hire options are perfect for any on-site managers looking to set up a headquarters. In their latest blog, Charles Wilson Engineers Ltd explains why portable cabins can make for a perfect on-site office.

Quick & Easy

Any contractor will tell you that the situation on a construction site can change in the blink of an eye. With the prospect of a fast-changing environment, being able to set up an office space quickly is essential for any project manager. Thankfully, most cabin hire options take into account the needs and requirements of contractors working in these environments and are able to provide portable cabins to a site in a matter of weeks. Having a ready-made office that can be set up both quickly and efficiently will provide a regular base of operations for your site, allowing you to oversee all the changes and developments which occur on site.

Perfect All-Year Round

Working as part of a construction site can throw up many challenges and constraints, but no obstacle is more frequent or frustrating than the weather. The wind and the rain is the bane of any builders life, and unbearable heat and the scorching sun can also cause moans and groans. Luckily, with cabin hire options and portable cabins, the units can be fitted with heating and cooling systems to provide some respite from the wicked weather. As a fully functioning unit, your cabin can be linked up to the mains supply on your site, meaning you will have access to hot water, electricity for the heating systems and the cooling systems in the height of the summer.

Although portable cabins make for great offices, opting for a larger portable cabin can benefit the whole team, with a number of cabin hire options available for lunch rooms or simply a casual workspace for your team to take shelter from the adverse conditions.


As we have already mentioned, the situation on a site can change in an instant, so without stating the obvious, it is important for portable cabins to be portable. If the decision has been made to relocate the portable cabin, the process is relatively straightforward. Simply disconnect the cabin from the mains water and electric and lift the cabin onto a trailer and once it is in its new home, reconnect the mains supplies and there you have it. Obviously, this process hinges on having a trailer and crane available, but considering these portable cabins are most commonly used on construction sites, this should not be too much of an issue.

Not only can portable cabins be moved easily, but they can also be designed to fit onto an existing premises. Clarifying your needs and requirements to a cabin hire company will allow them to attach the cabin to your existing building, making the prospect of expanding your office simple and straightforward.

Customise and Design

Despite residing in an environment which consists of bricks, metal, plastics and other primitive materials, portable cabins can be designed to look like they have escaped from an inner-city office. If you are seeking to create a clean and professional environment, your portable cabin can be fitted with wall panels to hide the steel exterior and give the office a tidy finish. Not only can the walls and the ceiling be converted, but the majority of portable cabins are big enough to be completely furnished, meaning you will be able to kit your room out with a desk, chairs and sofas. Every little detail is considered when investing in a portable cabin, including the lighting and the flooring, allowing you to completely design and decorate your new office in a way that suits you.

Again, if your portable cabin is to be used by the whole team and not just the product manager, then opting for a larger cabin will make room for other amenities such as a kitchen unit and sitting areas. Depending on your needs and requirements, portable cabins can accommodate for a workforce of any size.


One of the most important aspects of managing a site is costs. Luckily, portable cabins and most cabin hire options cost much less than regular on-site buildings, as well as being quicker and easier to set up. Depending on the size of the cabin and the length of the hire, portable cabins can be picked up relatively cheap, meaning you can set up a fully functioning office on site without putting too much of a dent in your budget. Maximising costs and managing a budget is a big part of a project manager’s role, so if money is tight but you are still in need of a workspace, opting for a portable cabin could be the perfect solution for you.

Tried & Trusted

Portable cabins are often overlooked as viable office spaces for construction sites and other industries, but the fact of the matter is that portable cabins have been used effectively in a number of different fields. Often used as classrooms, storage, construction and even for camping, cabin hire options extend to a number of different areas of work, tackling different challenges everywhere they go. For a trusted and reliable working space, invest in a portable cabin and set up a fully functioning office exactly where you want it.

Charles Wilson Engineers Limited offers a number of different accommodation options, ranging from portable cabins to portable toilets. For more information on all of our products and services, either head over to our accommodation page to check out our range of portable units and cabin hire options, or get in touch with a member of the Charles Wilson Engineers Limited team today by calling us on 01582 763 122 or by leaving us a message via our online contact form.