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Everything You Need to Know about Eco Tower Lights

With strict deadlines, antsy project managers and a continuous wait for materials to be delivered, the nature of construction work suggests that the job must get done, no matter what obstacles you are faced with. Depending on the industry and the timescale of a specific job, night work is more often than not one of the obstacles presented to workers and contractors. Thankfully, Eco Tower Lights and Ecolights make the prospect of night work far less daunting, and help remove any added stresses or complications. With these lights playing such an important role in the work of contractors in many different industries, Charles Wilson Engineers Limited tell you everything you need to know about Eco Tower Lights.

What Do They Do?

It may seem fairly obvious, but the specific functions and features of Eco Tower Lights reach further than simply providing light to a dark area. Not only do Eco Tower Lights provide instant bright light to an area without any warm-up time, but they are also fully extendable, allowing you to shed light over a greater area than previous Ecolights. Our Eco Tower Lights are also self-aware, lowering themselves when they are being moved to ensure they do not come into contact with overhanging objects, such as telephone or power lines. The Eco Tower Lights provided by Charles Wilson Engineers Limited were tailored to ease the complications and stresses that any worker faces at night, to make their jobs easier and safer.

The common conception surrounding any product with ‘Eco’ in the title is that they are better for the environment, but are weaker than and outperformed by the ‘regular’ alternatives. Although this adage may be true for certain products and objects, Eco Tower Lights offer a number of worthwhile differences to the regular tower lights in our stock. Firstly, what must be stressed is that, despite being an eco-friendly alternative, our Ecolights do not compromise on quality, providing you with a light as bright as our regular tower lights. As well as this, our Eco Tower Lights drastically reduce the amount of CO2 that is omitted, which subsequently extends the refuelling period and reduces the on-site labour costs that regular tower lights are subject to.

By providing instant, bright light and being able to project this beam over great distances, Ecolights allow workers to get the job done in a safe and efficient manner. This point leads us onto the many benefits that Eco Tower Lights offer to contractors.

The Benefits of Eco Tower Lights

One of the most important and significant benefits of Eco Tower Lights is the effect they have on the health and safety of contractors working at night. According to the Safety & Health Practitioner, nearly 1.5 million people regularly work at night in the UK, and, due to these conditions, they are three times more likely to suffer a work-related accident. According to ATC Risk Management, working at night affects a worker’s ability to see steep edges or steep gradients, making them more susceptible to trips and falls. Workers are also at risk if they are operating vehicles, as they may be unable to see into the distance, causing them to collide with objects. There is also the risk of workers focusing so much on seeing what is directly in front of them that other objects are ignored. The above statistics outline the dangers and hazards of working at night and the effects that poor visibility has on a worker’s safety. Thankfully, due to the instant bright light that is projected from Eco Tower Lights, the likelihood of these types of accidents occurring are significantly reduced.

In an industry that is dominated by costs and deadlines, introducing Eco Tower Lights onto your site can offer a number of financial benefits. With auto start/stop light sensors and a reduction of CO2 by 888kg per month, the amount of fuel you can save can reach £336 per month. With a runtime of over 200 hours, (400 percent higher than previous, regular models) you can also get more bang for your buck and reduce the amount of on-site labour costs that previous models are subjected to. The CO2 reduction and fuel savings achieved by contractors when hiring Eco Light Towers can be also be included in the Contractor’s Sustainability Policy which will help them to win Government and Local Authority Contracts. Not only do these Ecolights help the environment, save you money and protect your health and safety whilst at work, but they also provide opportunities for more work in the future.

Eco Tower Lights from Charles Wilson Engineers Limited

To help ensure the safety of everyone on your site, save yourself some money, and open more doors for work, why not take a look at Charles Wilson Engineers Limited’s Eco Tower Lights? You can also browse our full range of tower lights; we have a wide variety of lighting towers available, ranging from small, 60 hour VT-1 lights to our larger, 340 hour lights. No matter what you need, Charles Wilson Engineers Limited are able to provide you with the necessary tools to help you get the job done with ease.

If you wish to find out more about all of our products, contact Charles Wilson Engineers Limited today by calling us on 01582 763 122, or by leaving us a message via our online contact form. Alternatively, you can pop into your nearest branch and see our stock for yourself and ask a member of our friendly and professional team for help on any queries you may have.