SANY 22T Excavator

Model: Sany SY215

Product Code: 070206.

  • Description
    • Machine Weight: 24000kg
    • Engine Power: 129kW
    • Dig Depth: 6450mm
    • Maximum Width: 3080 mm
    • Maximum Reach: 9,745 mm

    The Sany 22T excavator designed for heavy-duty construction and mining operations. Equipped with a powerful Cummins diesel engine, it delivers outstanding performance and fuel efficiency. Its advanced hydraulic system provides smooth and precise control for digging, lifting, and loading tasks. The SY215 features a spacious and comfortable operator cabin with intuitive controls and ergonomic seating for reduced operator fatigue. With its rugged construction and reliable components, this excavator is built to withstand the toughest job sites and deliver exceptional productivity. Whether you're working in mining, construction, or infrastructure development, the Sany SY215 is the perfect solution for your excavating needs.

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  • Health and Safety
    Please refer to the operator manual or instruction guide for details